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Congratulations to eighth
grader Jakob F. on his
acceptance and full
scholarship to Regis
High School, one of the
most elite schools in
the country.

Jakob is an exemplary
scholar, leader, creative
thinker, athlete, and a
kind friend to all.
We are very proud!


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Saint Catherine of Siena School fosters academic success with a challenging curriculum taught by inspiring and caring teachers. Our students excel every year, earning merit based scholarships to High School presawardand academic merit awards, including Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth Award, and the President's Award for National Excellence.

Saint Catherine of Siena School is fully accredited by the State of New Jersey, the Archdiocese of Newark and the Middle States Commission on Elementary Education. Saint Catherine's is also a member of the National Catholic Educational Association.

2017 Academic Scholarships offered to our 8th grade*



Full Scholarship • Regis High School

Jakob F.


Academic Scholarship • Mount Saint Dominic Academy

Tiffany C.


Academic Scholarship • Morris Catholic

Tiffany C., Katrina G.


Academic Scholarship • Seton Hall Prep

William D., Jakob F., Derek P.


Academic Scholarship • Bergen Catholic

Jakob F.


Academic Scholarship • Oratory Prep

Will D.


Academic Scholarship • Saint Mary's

Brandon D., Michael R.


Academic Scholarship • Mary Help of Christians

Katrina G., Anastacia V.


Academic Scholarship • DePaul Catholic

Tiffany C.

Year after year...

Academic Scholarship Seton Hall Prep • Nicolas S., Jack M. • Academic Scholarship Oratory Prep • Jack M.• Academic Scholarship Paramus Catholic • Olivia P.
Full Academic Scholarship Mount Saint Dominic Academy • Brooke R. • Full Academic Scholarship Academy of Holy Angels • Ashley H Full Academic Scholarship Lacordaire • Brooke R • Half Scholarship Mount Saint Dominic Academy• Katrina F. • Academic Scholarships Oratory Prep • Luigi F., Jordan A. • S.T.E.M. & Merit Scholarships Immaculate Heart Academy Diana M., Ashley H., Katrina F. • Academic Scholarships Seton Hall Prep Luigi F., Jordan A.• Academic Scholarships Paramus Catholic Addison F., Diana M., Brooke R • Academic Scholarships Mount St. Mary Academy • Diana M
Academic Scholarship Seton Hall Prep • Dwight T., Luke T. • Academic Scholarship St. Peter's Prep • Daniel K.
Academic Scholarship Mount Saint Dominic Academy • Megan C.Academic Scholarship Seton Hall Prep • Owen T., Stephen R., Zachary G. Academic Scholarship Lacordaire Academy • Elizabeth S. Academic Scholarship Paramus Catholic • Sydney C.
Full Academic Scholarship Mount Saint Dominic Academy • Gabrielle R. • Half Academic Scholarship Mount Saint Dominic • Lucy S.
Full Academic Scholarship Regis High School, NYC • Alex U.
Full Academic Scholarship Regis High School, NYC • Kevin F.


(*as of 1/25/17)

Mrs. Carol Scalo - Exemplary Teacher Award

(Mrs. Carol Scalo currently teaches Grades 6,7,8  Science and Science Lab along with Homeroom Grade 7, and Grade 7 Religion, Social Studies, Spelling)



"The Lynch School of Education at Boston College has, as part of its mission, "to enhance the human condition, to expand the human imagination, and to make the world more just." What could be more fitting than to ask seniors to nominate teachers and counselors who have exemplified the spirit of that mission?

On behalf behalf of the Undergratuate Senate, I am pleased to inform you that Bryan Ramos has nominated Mrs. Carol Scalo for our Exemplary Teacher Award. Congratulations for inspiring Bryan and countless others!"

-Robyn Antonucci, LSOE Senate Chairperson


Mrs. Carol Scalo

Nominated by Bryan Ramos

Science, St. Catherine of Siena School, Cedar Grove, NJ

"Mrs. Carol Scalo was more than a teacher; she was a second mother, a mentor, a friend. Learning in Mrs. Scalo's classroom was not only a daily activity but an experience. She educated not only because that was her job but because she genuinely cared for her students. She exceeded typical expectations not because she felt she needed to but rather it was the type of woman she is.

Growing up in the projects of Paterson, NJ was not the easiest upbringing for Carol but that did not stop her from becoming the best she could. While her father had a low income job, her mother suffered from persistent epileptic seizures. A common day for Carol was coming home from school to find her mother on the floor convulsing. Mrs. Scalo would leave her home in the projects and go to school working for a better life. Coming from this upbringing did not hold Carol back but rather fired her struggle for a better life. She graduated high school as valedictorian of her class and received a scholarship for college. She graduated at the top of her class with suma distinction. From her tough upbringing she excelled in academics for a better life. I believe it was these experiences that helped shape what she believed education should be and how her classroom was going to be taught.

Coming into seventh grade, I was often told that Mrs. Scalo was the hardest teacher in the entire grammar school. I quickly realized that it was not that she was the hardest but rather she expected the most out of her students. Her daily academic and life lessons not only educated but help form her students into a more intellectual and mature adolescent. Although her specialty was in the sciences, she expected and gave just as much in the other major subjects that she taught.

Before I had the pleasure of attending her class, my sister had her for a teacher. My sister always tells our family that the passion that Mrs. Scalo instilled in her pushed her to pursue nursing school. In two years, my two little sisters have the opportunity to experience Mrs. Scalo's classroom. I nominate Mrs. Scalo not only for the teacher she was but for the person and student she has helped made me to become today. She is the epitome of what it means to love teaching, to have your enthusiasm be infectious and to go above and beyond for your students."